Benefits of BSTV is true OTT, streaming and delivering movies without a cable box or satellite dish. We can provide premium content in the quickest, most convenient way. It’s OTT without limitations, and it’s the ultimate in convenience. 


But it doesn’t stop there.

A-LIST SECURITY adheres to industry-standard content protection mechanisms. And with transactional forensics watermarking for tracking video and audio, you’ve eliminated any opportunity for anonymous piracy.  And unlike traditional screeners, lets you control the viewing timeframe for any content.


SELF-REPORTING, IN-DEPTH ANALYTICS  Do you want to know what day, what time, and in what location a voter watched a movie? Or how about whether he or she paused the film, replayed a scene, or watched the movie again? You’ll get analytics of the most granular detail that can guide your marketing, your budget, and more. It can completely change and evolve your business.