Innovated by respected tech leader Media Science International (MSI) and global security powerhouse Verimatrix, this ground-breaking offering provides production companies and studios a host of cost-effective, time-saving solutions:

SCREENERS SIMPLIFIED Secure streaming for academy and guild voters eliminates the fear of content leaks. protects high-value content with transactional forensic watermarking and customizable viewing access windows.

OTT "STILL IN THEATERS" EARLY-RELEASE WINDOWS AND EXCLUSIVE PREMIUM OTT LIVE EVENTS  Whether your audience is in the thousands or the single digits, you provide exclusive viewing access to your intended users.


DIGITAL DAILIES FOR TV AND FILM PRODUCTION  Immediate access to high quality streams, coupled with managed distribution allows your production to stay on schedule, even across a geographically-distributed production team.

NICHE-MARKET VIDEO DISTRIBUTION  Bollywood films.  Japanese anime. Sports. Cult classics. Children’s entertainment.  Whatever your audience watches, can deliver – direct, high-quality, on demand – no sign-up, no login, no special equipment. 

STOCK FOOTAGE CATALOG BROWSING  Simplify access to footage catalogs.  Allow browsing and sample viewing, without risking piracy. makes it easier to show and sell your content.  You set the rules.